I just want to share an argument I read between a man and a woman about teens poor social skills in their country.  

Man: Technology is great, but I fear that it has brought about the end of conversation.

Woman: Not at all. If anything, technology has advanced communication even further. Society’s needs have changed over the course of the millennia and with those needs, conversation and the tools to facilitate conversation must also change.

Man: I think that technology like radio, television, the Internet, I-pods and texting have impacted the decline of conversation for many people. Communication is now done through artificial support systems like email, cell phones, computerized messages and answering machines.

Woman: Communication doesn’t always mean words. As societies grow more complex, people invent new ways of conversing. Languages grow and change along with the people.

Man: I don’t like it. Today our language is evolving into tweets, texts and symbols. Conversing with words is becoming obsolete. People need to bring back conversation skills and not depend on the Internet and cell phones for expressing our thoughts and feelings.

Woman: New technologies, when combined with the linguistic changes, often come to be viewed as threatening to conversation and relationships by those who do not learn to understand them.

Man: That does not deny the fact that technology has given rise to less conversation. People turn on the television and tune out their families and friends. Young people put on head phones and get lost in their music or games avoiding as much contact and conversation as possible.

Woman: Through technology, conversation simply has evolved into many different forms. We are now able to communicate in several different mediums as opposed to years past.

Man: People have forgotten what it means to simply converse. The art of actual face-to-face conversation is becoming primitive.

Woman: As long as people continue to walk the planet Earth, there will always be conversation happening in some form and language, probably involving the use of a technology to keep happening.

 To whom do you agree? The man's opinion or the woman's opinion? Or maybe do you have your say in regards to this issue? ;)


  1. is it just me or bakit parang ung female and male perspectives ay magkabaliktad?

  2. relevant din ang issue sa month na ito, buwan ng wika. Sa "Communication" just like "Language", ang pinaka importante sa lahat ay naiintindihan ang nais mong iparating or nagkakaintindihan kayo sa conversation, at ang technology ay isang kasangkapan na nagpapatunay na may pag-unlad ang wika at ang communication. kahit taglish ang comment ko understandable parin ryt, kahit gwin kng txt i2 naiitndhan paren, yung ang importante.

  3. i'm with the man. and that's not because i'm gay. LOL